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Multi insatspanel 1.0

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The new Velcro insert panel with many improved ways to be used.

This panel makes it possible to attach the insert pouches in the Specialist backpack
Two sizes, one for the 30L and one for the 40L Specialist backpack.
  • Attaches into the Specialist backpack with duffel buttons
  • Velcro loop covered surface
  • Holes are punched in the panel and the elastic cord that is supplied with the panels can be threaded through the holes to secure equipment.
  • Attach one long side only and reach the pockets under the panel

Fits in:
Anything- medical equipment, technical equipment or personal stuff

Fits on:
In the Specialist backpack

Mer information

Vikt 80 g
Dimensioner 43 × 28 × 1 cm

30L, 40L




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