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Dumpficka liten 2.0

400:00kr Inklusive moms

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The perfect small pouch to dump your empty magazines in, during a fire fight.

  • Also good to store gloves, ear defenders, etc in.
  • Use it to save evidence or other important things during a raid.
  • Basically the pouch is designed to carry things temporarily that you do not want to carry in your hands.
  • Carried rolled up in the bottom of the equipment vest.
  • Pull the square square-ring down, the natural way, when you want to open the pouch.
  • Zipper closed top. The flap can be secured open on the inside of the pouch.
  • Stores up to 4 magazines.

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Vikt 160 g
Dimensioner 24 × 16 × 9 cm



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